Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Classical music downloads

Free classical music download:

Canon in D free download:

There are 6 MP3s in this folder: Canon in D folder

The following tracks are available for $1.29 USD each, for private personal listening (no youtube noise, high quality MP3s):

Chopin nocturne in E flat op. 9 no.2

Chopin nocturne in C sharp minor

The MP3 will be sent to your email address within 48 hours after payment is received. Thank you!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Royalty Free Classical Piano Music

Royalty free classical piano music

If you are a media producer and would like to use any of the classical music pieces presented on this website in your projects or productions, you will have to pay a small licensing fee of $10 for each track.

These music recordings are royalty-free, which means the purchase price includes all licensing fees. This license grants the purchaser of license the non-exclusive right to use the recording within his/her production.

How you may use the music:

The recordings may be...

-incorporated into non-commercial films (you may enter your film into film festivals or competitions)
-incorporated into web design, corporate multimedia and DVD presentations
-incorporated into computer games, software applications and media training
-incorporated into hardware, for example, on-hold playback devices
-edited (cut, crop, fade in/out) to the particular requirements of your project
-played in your business premises for your customers pleasure, including restaurants, shops, malls and other public places

For duplication runs exceeding 2000 units, you will need to contact us for an additional license.

Commercial television, film, and radio use is not covered under this license, for this kind of use please contact us by email first.

Also, if your presentation containing the recordings is broadcast (radio, film, television, cable), the broadcaster must report usage infomation to the relevant performing rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, PRS). Cue sheet forms have to be properly filled out and you must notify us and send us the cue sheets.


All recordings and copyright remain the property of the Performer/Publisher. You may not transfer the license to any other party and any unauthorised copying, distribution, re-selling, lending, giving away, public performance, broadcasting and downloading of these recordings is strictly prohibited.

The recordings may not be sold or given away as a stand-alone product. For example, you may not sell it or give it away as a music track or put it on a CD for sale or give away.

The recordings may not be included in a website template which is offered for sale or give away.

For internet productions, you must make sure that the music is not retrievable, extractable and downloadable in its original form. The music cannot be used for videos on youtube or similar video sharing sites.

You may not claim ownership of the music recording (or otherwise make it available) or claim ownership of the music recording through any content indentification system (such as Youtube's Content ID) and/or registration system. 

You may not create derivative works of the music, which means you may not add your own voice, instruments or sound effects to the music. You may not change, re-arrange, remix, mash up, or sample the music and treat it as your own music. You may not sell, give away, publicly perform or display any work created based upon our work. And you may not use the music in a product that enables an end-user to create derivative works of the music.
But you may edit the length of the music to suit your needs or use the music as background and add your voice over on top in products such as self-help videos, meditation CDs or similar. In this case, you have not created derivative musical works.

No refund is possible after you purchase the license. If you violate any of the terms and limitations your license will terminate immediately with no compensation to you. We reserve the right to take legal actions, you may be sued for copyright infringement.

To buy the music license of a piece of music, simply pay $10 with Paypal, a legal music license document and the music track of your choice will be sent to your email address within 3 working days.

If you have questions or if you are not sure whether you could use the music in a certain way, feel free to email us at amyip75@gmail.com. More expensive licenses that allow other ways of using the music with less limitations are available.

Titles currently available:

1. Chopin Nocturne in E flat, op.9 no.2 license

2. Chopin Nocturne in C sharp minor license

3. Canon in D strings version license

4. Canon in D rhodes version license

5. Canon in D music box version license

6. Canon in D guitar and strings version license

7. Canon in D church pipe organ version license

8. Canon in D strings version 2 (chamber strings) license

Listen to our playlist:

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